Antique Vintage Lead Toy Soldiers X 12 – Bundle / Job Lot

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John Garratt produced an Encyclopaedia of Model Soldiers, with a good bibliography, I own the figure used to decorate the jacket spine. My own book The World of Model Soldiers was never finally published although it went to proof edition. I have a proof copy but to make and despatch a photocopy would be fairly costly. Perhaps your local library can help. Almost everything you ever wanted to know about toy soldiers, but never dared ask!

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Soldat d’etain Zinnfiguren A two dimensional wafer thin toy soldier cast from tin in moulds engraved in slate, produced in Germany and Austria from the early 19th Century to date. First made in Germany in the s where they were superceeded by the Solid toy soldier. They remained popular in Austria well into the 20th Century. Hollow Cast Toy Soldier Soldat en Plomb Creux Hohlguss figuren Cast in metal, usually an alloy, which cools and sets first where it touches the mould, the excess molten metal is then poured out leaving a hollow figure.

Dimestore Toy Soldier Jouets d’un sou Pfennigartikel figuren Peculiar to the US where they were sold through “five and dime” stores from the s to s. Usually hollow cast toy soldiers, some were also made in slush cast iron. First manufactured in Austria at the end of the 19th Century, they grew to prominence in Germany during the s and s. Also manufactured in France, Belgium and extensively in Italy where they are known as Pasta figures.

What are Military Miniatures?

Edit There are three factions: Each player in the game is a kid who owns a set of toy soldiers that are like players in a regular mafia — all of the actions in the game are performed by and targeted on the toy soldiers except the Kid stomp described below , and if a kid loses all of their soldiers then they leave the playground. Wincon for each faction is to have a majority of the remaining kids. Each player is assigned to a faction at the start of the game. There is no powerplay.

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With bugle and rifle; 4 blue. With sword; 1 gray. Running with flag; 1 gray. Charging with bayoneted rifle; 2 blue, 1 gray. Running with rifle in right hand; 1 blue, 3 gray. With pistol; 1 blue. NONE – Mounted cavalryman with horse, gray, 2. NONE Running horse with saddle. NONE Rearing horse with blanket, flowing mane;. NONE Rearing horse with saddle;.

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He is also offering some of his figures for sale, so check it out. Alexander has an excellent set of uniform pages dedicated to Napoleonic era, scanned form original plates and many images of the flats directly scanned. Pictures, identification guides, manufacturers’ catalogues, background information. A valuable source for that era.

IDENTIFYING OLD SOLDIERS – of the lead or toy variety! Some of you have asked me about clues to identify the figures you’ve found; First tell me the size of a man, without helmet.

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From a tomb dating — BCE, Kerameikos Archaeological Museum, Athens Most children have been said to play with whatever they can find, such as sticks and rocks. Toys and games have been unearthed from the sites of ancient civilizations. They have been written about in some of the oldest literature.

The figures are representative of what the mold will produce (no figures come with the mold.) All painted figures are for illustrative purposes only.

Most metal and tin toys also called tinplate we have already covered individually by toy classification at pages such as Antique Toys Home Page and other pages. If nothing else you need to go away knowing which metals were used during which time periods — this will help you a great deal in estimating dates on collectible metal and tin toys.

It has been used in Europe since the late 18th century to make kitchenware and small metal objects, including some toys. It’s first use in America for toys is dated around the ‘s and was used only by tinsmiths. When tin ore mines were opened in Illinois, in the s, local tin ore became available and American manufacturers gradually began to apply European innovations, such as the mechanical press for stamping metal into kitchenware and, subsequently, collectible toys.

However, by the s metal, tin and tinplate toys ceased manufacture — the material was basically replaced by plastic.

54mm Toy Soldiers Medieval (54mm)

Because many figures do not stand up straight, height is usually an approximation. Standard toy soldier scale, originally adopted by W. History[ edit ] This section includes a list of references , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this section by introducing more precise citations.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message Military figures have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs, and have appeared in many cultures and eras. Tin soldiers were produced in Germany as early as the s, by molding the metal between two pieces of slate.

Pre War Britain Toy Lead Soldiers Ref 81 Queens 17th Lancers W Long Rifle Rare. $ Britain’s Lead Soldiers On Horseback. $ W Britain Lead Toy Soldiers 16th The Queen’s Lancers5th Royal Irish Lancers $ W. Britain 33 Lead Soldiers – 16th5th Lancers Queen’sirish Wvintage Box.

Much to the contrary, it started as my notes to myself as a novice learning about these great vintage toys. I am very much a neophyte to hollowcast toy soldiers and welcome comments or additional info to put on this page! His company pioneered the use of hollow casting figures in lead, allowing him to sell his figures more cheaply than his competitors as he used less lead and could ship them more cheaply.

The company quickly surpassed it’s German toy making rivals and was imitated by other companies, such as John Hill and Company JoHill Co. The style and scale of Britain’s figures became the standard for toy soldiers. He created figures in 1: The company has gone through many incarnations since that time and has changed hands, still producing collector figures today. The Pre-War figures are often found with round unmarked bases, later with paper labels and copyright information affixed to the round base.

Many of the earliest figures are dated though the dated molds stayed in use after the year it denotes. One of the best ways to determine a Pre-War figure is the mustache on the face. Also of note, Britains Pre-War cavalry figures had the horses reins painted on whereas Post-War this additional painting step was done away with. Milestones in Britains history:

Recent trends:

It is first mentioned by name in and is probably named after the river Ieperlee on the banks of which it was founded. As the third largest city in the County of Flanders after Ghent and Bruges Ypres played an important role in the history of the textile industry. In , a major fire ruined much of the old city. The famous Cloth Hall was built in the thirteenth century.

Also during this time cats, then the symbol of the devil and witchcraft, were thrown off Cloth Hall, possibly because of the belief that this would get rid of evil demons. Today, this act is commemorated with a triennial Cat Parade through town.

Producers of hand-painted, white metal toy soldiers. The Regal range consists of approximately one hundred and fifty sets, covering the New Zealand Land Wars, American Civil War and the New Zealand Army from the Boer War to the present day.

Whilst waiting for recast arms and heads to arrive, I spotted this pile of metal detecting finds on sale online. The toy soldier and sailor figures before clean up. Fragments of red coats of old enamel paint have survived on some. Many of these smaller objects will be put into a display box frame. The strangest of the lot was a metal dwarf or garden gnome figure.

It might even be Father Christmas with the red paint? A strange gnome type figure, an old toy racing car and an ornate broken thing … this is a job for Bagpuss! Where I could, I checked them against my originals.

plastic,tin,metal,and lead toy soldiers.

Toy Soldiers Toy soldiers have been around since ancient times and have been found in Egyptian tombs. In the 17th century, a group of craftsmen began making soldiers by molding the metal between two pieces of slate. Then during the 18th century, Frederick the Great inspired military exploits, creating miniature soldiers to map out battlefield strategies. In , William Britain revolutionized the production process of toy soldiers by inventing hollow casting, making toy soldiers cheaper and much lighter than their German predecessors.

Posts about Repairing toy soldiers written by 26soldiersoftin. One of the unusual figure conversions or repairs that arrived in a jumble or joblot of figures about five to ten years ago was this lovely damaged Britain’s 54mm hollowcast lead Indian.

In one display, explosions propel unfortunate German WWI infantry soldiers high into the air as their companions crawl under barbed wire and cannons target their enemy. In another, a pitched battle breaks out between medieval armies of armored French knights mounted on horses. The scene is so realistic one can almost hear the stomping of horses and the clanging of swords. In another display, Arab soldiers parade on the grounds of a desert fort made of wood.

These displays, and more, were created by Mario Belluomo, who has worked as a court officer in Brooklyn for 40 years. Belluomo has also been a photographer since he was 17, and has covered news stories for the Brooklyn Eagle since Belluomo owns several thousand soldiers from all over the world and several forts from the s. The best figures are in the display cases, set up as scenes.

Now he is sharing some remarkable, never-before-seen photos of his collection. The realistic visual effects are achieved by Belluomo crawling right inside the display cases to take photos at eye level. Belluomo discovered antique toy soldiers as an adult in I always feared that one day they would be gone. Three bucks apiece and you can have them all.

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