Coronation Street film Luke Britton funeral scenes – and his killer Phelan is there too

She appeared as a regular from July to April , after five months away she returned in September for a few episodes in time for the 50th anniversary on a recurring basis. She reappears in late , and is present at the memorial service for the tram crash victims and again in April and May When Molly arrives, they recognise each other instantly. Pam tells Jack Duckworth Bill Tarmey , Molly, and Tyrone that she will leave if she has outstayed her welcome, but they insist she stay. Pam leads them to believe that her husband has died but tells Molly that he had, in fact, thrown her out for having an affair. Pam convinces Tyrone that Molly wants a lavish wedding and begins teaching him how to make more money and argues with Tyrone’s mother, Jackie , Margi Clarke after she upsets Molly and Tyrone. She encourages Tyrone to help her sell cheap merchandise in October Two months later, Molly finds out that Tyrone has been selling for Pam and walks out, making Tyrone furious with Pam. However, it is clear that Pam wants to see her niece happily married. On New Year’s Eve, she tries to move the fuel from Jack’s outside toilet where she was storing it but sparks from the angle grinder that Pam is using, cause an explosion and she is knocked unconscious.

Peter Barlow

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email It’s going to be a sad week on the Cobbles as more saddening storylines are revealed, with Peter being shot, ‘Tina McIntyre’ re-appearing and Angie struggling with her emotions.

Proclaiming his love for her, Henry begs Gemma to go ahead with his plan so they can enjoy their life together, free of threats from his past. Read More Shayne Ward unveils dramatic new look after leaving Coronation Street And that’s not the last of the drama for Peter after son Simon is grabbed by masked teens in the street and force him into a waiting car. But thing’s take a turn for the worst on Friday when Peter who is guarding Simon at the factory, has to go out and Carla promises not to let Simon out of her sight.

Coronation Street spoilers: Sinead Osbourne considers alternative cancer treatment. Sinead Osbourne is set to explore alternative treatment for her cancer as opposed to her option of chemotherapy in Coronation Street but as she gets to know supporters of homeopathy, she keeps it .

Upon her arrival in she was romantically involved with David Platt however the two had separated when Tina had to deal with David’s issues such as being locked up, reading her messages and then trying to make her lie in court against his rival Gary Windass. She then dated Jason Grimshaw but they separated when her depressed father Joe accidentally killed himself in an insurance scam.

Tina was helped through her depression by Graeme Proctor but during a marriage sham he left for London with her friend Xin Chiang. Tina’s next big romantic interest was Tommy Duckworth. The pair began dating in , but over the next couple of years their relationship was put to the test when Tina became a surrogate for the Windass – Armstrong family unit, then putting up David when his wife Kylie kicked him out; resulting in Tommy leaving.

From November to May Tina was involved in an on-off affair with Peter Barlow , which came about due to her close bond with his son Simon. On the night of 26th May , Tina hoped to leave Weatherfield for a new life with Peter but was jilted when he chose to stay with wife Carla. On that night, Tina had got into a confrontation with Carla’s brother Rob Donovan , which resulted in her falling from the balcony of the Builder’s Yard.

Although she survived, Tina was beaten unconscious by Rob when she threatened to report him to the authorities about his dodgy dealings. She died a few days later in hospital, aged Her back story remains mostly unknown. By , her parents Joe and Ann McIntyre had split up and Tina was living with her mum and step-dad in Weatherfield. Tina was unaware that the receptionist there who she had been having trouble with was David’s mum Gail.

The pair started dating and within a week of the relationship, she had sex with David at his house, taking his virginity.

Coronation Street pictures: Tina McIntyre unconscious after attack

Ken and Val planned to emigrate to Jamaica with the twins as Ken had been offered a teaching post there. While Val was getting ready for a leaving party in the Rovers Return Inn for them, she was electrocuted and killed by a faulty hairdryer. Ken then sent the twins to Glasgow to live with Val’s parents; he saw them only sporadically as they grew up. As Ken refused to go to the wedding, Peter made an emotional appeal, saying that he and Susan had barely seen their father and that he always assumed Ken would step up if his children needed him and he was able to help.

Coronation Street spoiler: Tina McIntyre, played by Michelle Keegan, is set to be knocked unconscious and left fighting for her life after a vicious brawl with Weatherfield’s latest villain.

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Coronation Street stars went back to black – as they filmed funeral scenes for killed off character Luke Britton. A raft of Corrie favourites were spotted filming in Howe Bridge Crematorium in Atherton, on a chilly December morning. They included grieving ex-girlfriend Alya Nazir, played by Sair Khan, who had held a candlelit vigil for Luke , believing his death to be racially motivated. But Luke’s shock demise came at the hands of evil Phelan – who was also part of the funeral gathering.

Lucy Fallon’s Bethany Platt brought a touch of colour to proceedings, with a pair of pink polka dot trousers breaking up the traditional wedding wardrobe of black, black and more black. Luke – played by Dean Fagan – was killed off in a dramatic car fireball by Phelan on Friday night, after he came close to finally exposing the baddie builder’s dastardly deeds. Read More Corrie spoilers: Luke will play his part in the whole end game. Dean, from Withington, said: Read More Coronation Street spoilers: What happens next week on Corrie?

Luke Britton with blood dripping down his face tries to drive away from Phelan in shock Corrie scenes Image: Like us on Facebook.

Coronation Street

A lot of problems in the series could of been resolved if characters actually explained their problems or explained what happened. Instead the situation goes downhill or results in Cringe Comedy. Fiz had to act as mother to her younger brother Chesney, after their mum Cilla abandoned them. After her straight love interest Maria turned her down. She stole money from her, let a homeless man break into her house then framed Maria for Caz’s own murder.

Coronation Street (or Corrie) is a British Prime Time Soap on ITV, which follows the ups and downs in the lives of the residents of a typical working-class street in a Salford, Manchester neighbourhood.. It has been running for a very, very, VERY long time, first airing on 9 December , and will probably keep going until the heat death of the universe.

Share this article Share Sporting an oversized padded coat, Lucy wore a simple striped top and black jeans for the scenes, while Colson was sporting his police uniform. Lucy, who plays Bethany Platt, was also seen tucking in as the cast took their lunch break from filming, which take place on the interior set of the police station Relaxed: Colson Smith, who plays Craig Tinker on the soap, also sported a padded jacket over his police uniform as he joined the lovely ladies The Platt family have been at the centre of another hot storyline in recent weeks, as Lucy’s character Bethany had her secret career exposed.

Tina’s character Sarah was stunned to discover her daughter had been working at a lap dancing club, and despite demanding she quit, it seemed Bethany wasn’t going to budge. In scenes set to air in Friday’s double bill, Bethany will be left mortified as her family turn up at the club to watch her dance, and the ensuing fall-out leads the teen to get sacked! Meanwhile, it seemed this week that Sarah could be ready to forgive her cheating boyfriend Gary, and the fact that Tina is once again donning an engagement ring for filming almost confirms this.

Lucy was hilariously seen trying to offer some food to her pals Leggy: Tina showed off her enviable physique in between scenes as she sported a tiny black skirt and brown jacket Fans will have to wait and see whether the Platts latest storyline goes next, but it seems that Bethany will have a long way to go before she can move forward from her horrific grooming ordeal last year. Despite her NTA win for such a hard-hitting storyline, Lucy told Digital Spy at the awards ceremony that there are no happy storylines in Bethany’s future yet.

Coronation Street spoilers: Peter shot, ‘Tina McIntyre’ returns and Henry proclaims love for Gemma

Due to an air raid, his mum Ida Barlow gave birth to him unaided under the kitchen table. His father Frank Barlow was either at work or in service. In July , aged almost 3, Ken became an older brother to David Barlow. Ken was educated at Bessie Street School. In aged 18, Ken went to university and this made him a bit stuck up and he started to shun his working class roots. In late Ken dated uni student Susan Cunningham.

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Standing behind the bar of The Rovers return on a very quiet Wednesday afternoon gave her plenty of time to think. How long was it since she had a good shag? Tina remembered, it was when she was dating Dr. Carter from the medical centre at the end of the street, he was really good in bed, making her come over and over again.

Tina smiled to herself as she thought about sucking him and the way he loved to squirt his load all over her face. Pity he had been such a snob, wanting her to get “a proper career” when she was quite happy pulling pints.

‘Coronation Street’ Spoiler: Tina McIntyre’s Killer Rob Donovan Ditches Murder Weapon (PICS)

Storylines[ edit ] Tina is first seen trying to book an appointment at the Medical Centre because she has tennis elbow. She bickers with Gail Platt Helen Worth , the receptionist. Tina starts dating Gail’s son, David Jack P. Shepherd , and shortly afterwards learns that she is pregnant. Unable to tell her own parents, she confides in Gail, who is pleased to hear that she wants an abortion.

Gail pays for Tina to go to a private clinic, worried that David is too unstable to be a father.

Rob Donovan is continuing his quest to keep the fact he murdered Tina McIntyre a secret and new pictures from the ‘Coronation Street’ set show Marc Bayliss’s character ditching the murder.

Roy Cropper, to a certain extent Julie Carp — she even gets told this in those exact words by her sister, Eileen. Kirk Sutherland Continuity Nod: One of the highlights of the show is that it still features regular references and callbacks to older characters and storylines, often from decades ago. Hardly an episode goes by without a nod, whether it be to something two months old or twenty years old. Possibly the biggest example is the return of Dennis Tanner, a character last seen on the show in Blanche Hunt’s view of the world.

Saying that, compared to Walford , Weatherfield is the happiest place on Earth. Also of note is that a study showed that living on Coronation Street is actually safer than living in real-life Salford. Happened with rival soap EastEnders in as a special episode for Children in Need. Ashley and Claire Peacock renamed their son Freddie, to honour Ashley’s recently deceased father Fred.

Shame Tyrone wasn’t the father. As he dies , Jack Duckworth sees and hears his wife, Vera who had died two years before urging him to come with her.

Coronation Street cast

Oliver Farnworth arrives at Mahiki Manchester launch Image: Although poor Oliver did seem to be a little wet as he dashed in the Manchester rain over to Mahiki to join his pals. Fashion icon Becks had earlier caused a stir in Manchester when he headed to his old stomping ground at Old Trafford to watch his team thrash Crystal Palace He was joined by his best mate Dave Gardner at both the match and at Mahiki – where they also partied with fellow Class of ’92 footballer Nicky Butt.

Hannah Young Becks’ new long blonde locks have been causing a stir – with some comparing him to a “surfer dude”, while others have suggested his likeness to Mm Bop pop stars Hanson. The Lounge is decorated with hand-carved totem poles, bamboo cladding, Chinese jade tiles, and stunning tropical Versace wallpaper.

But Coronation Street stars Jane Danson and Tina O’Brien showed their glamorous sides on Saturday at the North West RTS Awards. Jane, who plays Leanne Battersby in the ITV soap, looked stunning in a strapless black fit and flare Alesha Dixon-designed dress emblazoned with a red floral design.

While she is still rather outspoken, she has changed quite a bit since then. Probably of Cilla Battersby-Brown, who left the show a few years previous to her arrival. Hilarity ensued when these two met each other in late and did not seem to get on. Almost as bad as Norris Cole. A couple of years after she married Kirk Sutherland, it emerged that she was still married to her first husband and Craig’s father. Narrowly avoided jail time.

Portrayed by Andrew Whyment.

Michelle Keegan dishes the gossip on her relationship with Mark Wright