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Read on for more facts about Van Acker. Van attended Shawnee High School. In addition to acting, Acker showed his athletic side by playing on the varsity lacrosse and soccer teams. At Townson, Acker honed his acting skills by taking up theater courses. Though he had aspired to become an astronaut since as a kid, destiny had other plans for Acker whom after college relocated to New York to actively pursue an acting career. Subsequently, he moved to Los Angeles. Drew Van Acker Modelling Career There are several modeling shots of Acker scattered all over the internet, mostly ones of him modeling for male briefs.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Your Favorite Couple Just Got Engaged!

Edit Aria Montgomery was the artsy and alternative girl in Alison’s clique prior to her disappearance, sporting pink hair streaks. Also, out of all of five Liars, she was the weirdest. They shared the weakest connection of the other girls and Alison was fairly nice to Aria compared to the other girls. Alison and Aria discovered Aria’s father’s affair with a college student one afternoon while running away from the nerdy Mona Vanderwaal.

Every since, Alison used the affair to keep Aria in line, knowing Aria was asked to keep it a secret.

A year after their clique’s queen bee vanishes, a group of girls begins receiving texts from a stranger who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets. The homecoming dance is supposed to be a time for fun, but for four pretty little liars, disturbing secrets threaten to ruin their perfect night.

Subsequent episodes featured her as a guest appearance. Subsequent episodes featured Allen in the role. Subsequent episodes featured Merriman in the role. Main characters The following list features characters that are considered fundamental to the series’ storylines, consisting of the central group deemed as “the Liars” and the main antagonist “A. Spencer Hastings Considered the ” de facto leader” of the group, Spencer Hastings, portrayed by Troian Bellisario , is intelligent, extremely ambitious, and strives for perfection in everything she does in an attempt to live up to the high expectations of her parents.

Spencer’s biggest rival is her older sister, Melissa, and the two are constantly fighting over something. Their relationship is often strained by the fact that Spencer has a habit of crushing on Melissa’s boyfriends.

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January 5, A lot of things are expected to change in Aria, Alison, Emily, Spencer and Hanna’s life after the revelation that A is none other than Charlotte aka CeCe Drake, who also happens to be Ali’s transgender sibling Charles. The following article contains spoilers Post the events of the season 6 midseason finale, the girls leaves Rosewood for a future without the terrifying events that tormented them for five long seasons. However, their peace will come at a price and according to reports new men will enter their lives.

Earlier, show creator Marlene King had hinted at a romantic affair between Ali and Emily but the report that Ali will marry Charlotte’s psychiatrist may break the hope of many fans who expected to see some beautiful Emison moments. If you are an Ezria romance fan, then this is not a good news for you.

A “Pretty Little Liars” Character Cheat Sheet. Ella Montgomery. ABC Family Aria’s mom Ella is dating a much younger man! OK, not much younger, but young enough that people have noticed.

Click here for the Spencer Slideshow Alison Dilaurentis Alison is the ringleader of the pretty little liars before she mysteriously disappears. A year later, her body is found buried in her yard. In life, Alison was popular, controlling, manipulative, and full of secrets. Her death adds even more mystery to her fascinating story.

Maya realizes that Emily is shy and innocent, and uses her free spirit and no-nonsense attitude to pull Emily out of her shell. At the end of the midseason finale, Maya and Emily are secretly dating. Alison was responsible for the incident, but visited Jenna in the hospital and blamed it on the other girls. Toby Cavanaugh Toby is Jenna’s step-brother, and he was sent away after taking blame for blinding Jenna. Toby is arrested on murder charges when the police receive of a video tape of Ali on the night she disappeared.

Ezra Fitz Ezra Fitz is a recent college graduate who gets a job teaching English at the local high school, but not before he meets Aria in a restaurant. Ezra struggles with his feelings for Aria and his responsibilities as a teacher throughout the first half of season one. The two grow apart, however, as Hanna gets closer to her old friends and stops worrying so much about being queen bee.

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Ezra says he was a jerk and asks Aria to take him back. Aria thinks Ezra still has feelings for Jackie, and is also upset because Ezra didn’t tell her Jackie worked at Hollis. And she is mad he lied to her. Aria realizes she has made a mistake leaving Ezra and runs back to him by his car, where they kiss and make up.

Jackie blackmailed Aria to break up with Ezra and Aria didn’t want Ezra to get in trouble with the cops following her arrest.

Ezria is the name of the romantic relationship between Ezra Fitz and Aria is one of the four major ships in the Pretty Little Liars fandom.

Her melodious voice and knack for singing won her a place in the top five finishers who were then grouped into a band. In , she moved to Los Angeles in the hopes of getting a record deal. But fate had other plans for her. Around this time she also started auditioning for acting roles and received minor roles on television shows. In it, she played the role of a younger sister to title character Jaime Sommers.

The year was a busy one for her professionally. A teen drama, mystery-thriller television series on ABC Family, the series is currently running on its sixth season and is slated to end with season 7 in Once Upon a Song. On June 12, , she signed a record deal with Hollywood records. The brilliance of Hale as Montgomery is evident from the fact that the series not only helped her gain recognition as an actress but also won her the Favourite Cable TV Actress Award in

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Shana Fring before her betrayal and death Storylines Edit Alison DiLaurentis , the former “Queen Bee” of her clique and the most popular girl in school before her disappearance and alleged death. Although she cared for her friends, she enjoyed using their deepest, darkest secrets against them to keep them in line. Charming and manipulative, Ali was skilled at finding ways to blackmail everyone, and many people hated her and others loved her.

She disappeared a year prior to the beginning of the series, and in the Pilot a body is found said to be hers. The show’s main premise revolves around the mystery of Ali’s murder. Alison is later revealed to be alive, but is hiding from ” A ” who is still after her.

Pretty Little Liars is an American teen drama television series created by I. Marlene King for is based on Sara Shepard’s novel series of the same is a list consisting of the many characters who have appeared throughout the series’ seven-season run.

Matte happens to be good friends with Ryan Silverstein , who Shay dated in Sasha Pieterse Sasha got engaged in December ! Her beau is longtime boyfriend Hudson Sheaffer, with whom she shares two adorable dogs. Hudson is an actor, stunt performer, and production assistant. A post shared by Hudson Sheaffer hudsonsheaffer27 on Dec 22, at 7: A post shared by Janel Parrish janelparrish on Nov 11, at 1: Tyler Blackburn It looks like Tyler is single these days.

Aria Montgomery

She is portrayed by Lucy Hale. Contents [ show ] Biography Aria Montgomery was the artsy and alternative girl in Alison’s clique prior to her disappearance, sporting pink streaks in her hair and a love of art. Ever since, Alison used the affair to keep Aria in line, knowing Aria was asked to keep it a secret. Her constant teasing about the indiscretion led Aria to resent Alison.

She meets her future English teacher Ezra Fitz in a bar, hooking up with him, leading to an on-again off-again relationship throughout the series due to A’s threats. Aria is creative and artistic which can often make her feel like and outcast but she stays true to interests despite feeing detatched from society.

Aria Montgomery in ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Music Genre (Text) Country, Pop Rock Year(s) Active: –present, Musical career Record Label: Hollywood, DMG Nashville Lucy is still dating Adam Pitts of Brit band Lawson. She just returned from a vacation in Scotland with him and was spotted by numerous fans. annev Oct 13, Parents: Julie Hale.

It’s just point and shoot right? She is portrayed by Lucy Hale. Aria is one of the four main protagonists and one of the Liars. Contents [ show ] Biography Out of the group Aria was the artistic one. Together her and Alison discovered that Byron was cheating on Ella. They discovered him kissing Meredith in their car. After Alison disappears the Montgomery’s move to Iceland for one year.

After returning she met Ezra Fitz and they are now in a relationship. She was another caring person in the group. However, five years later, CeCe, who now goes by Charlotte, is murdered by an unknown killer. This prompts the rise of a new ” A “, known as Uber A.

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